About Us

Hello Future Teammate,

At Gaitekic Multimedia, we offer ample coverage in English and Spanish to all sports – even though, soccer has been our major activity.
LaMaquinaDeportiva.com weekly and virtual bilingual newspaper helps us with our commitment.
In the Spring of 2012, we proudly began our full-color bilingual newspaper venture that will ultimately become 10,000 copies a week.
In September of 2009, we aquired our own state of the art internet radio station on which we broadcast our own sports news shows LIVE which helps us to provide more territory coverage worldwide and be in touch with our partners (listeners) 7 days, 24 hours, 365 a year.
Locally, we currently have one mobil unit that is used to broadcast live from virtually anywhere. We do our radiocast show from Bellwood IL. Future plans include more coverage of sporting events.

We also have our website, LaMaquinadeportiva.com, that offers all kinds of sporting news and also commercial ads are available
in pics, gif’s, video, html, widgetcast and others. Keeping our partners (listeners-readers) informed no matter what time the clock shows.

We at Gaitekic Multimedia would like to welcome you aboard,
strap yourself to your seat, the game is about to start.